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SPA Consultancy


  • Callisto will provide you with the experts to assist you in creating a
    custom spa experience for your guests, whether you need help with 
    spa development (new or renovation), recruitment, business strategy,
    seeking operational guidance or need a turn-key spa solution.

    The first step is most important in order to take the right direction.

    From the beginning of your idea we will consult you

    1. Feasibility
    2. Optimization of use
    3. Space requirements
    4. Operative processes
    5. Technical integration
    6. Budget clarification
  • From concept to inception, Callisto aims at enhancing the guest experience and
    revenue potential through the most efficient use of space. Our years of experience
    brings value to anyone who is starting a new project. Not only will our guidance
    help you maximize revenue potential, but more importantly a well laid out spa,
    promises you increased guest satisfaction.

    In the creative process the ideas start to combine step by step and take
    shape in order to finally form an inspiring overall composition.

    During the conception stage we develop for you:

    1. Basic concept and mood boards
    2. Studies and scribbles
    3. Draft design
    4. Lighting concept and material sampling
  • Following the design, our planning team will accompany you with
    great thoroughness to prepare trouble-free execution.

    During the engineering stage we will develop for you:

    1. Detail design
    2. Technical engineering
    3. Water and pool technology
    4. Control technology
  • Our high claim of quality, efficiency and punctuality is ranking first in the implementation on site.

    Many years of experience in various construction projects let us act very competently on site.

    The following steps must be completed before final taking-over:

    1. Pre-production
    2. Logistics and dispatch
    3. Construction and expert installation on site
    4. Commissioning
    5. Training and briefing of employees
  • Being a total spa solution company,
    Callisto offers you the possibility to
    set up your spa ready for operation.
    In addition to providing you with spa
    equipment/rooms, we offer you
    accessories and disposables, as well
    as medico-esthetic equipment and
    skin care products for professionals
    from all around the world.
    Callisto International is also the
    exclusive distributor for several leading
    and top international brands such as
    Skeyndor, a leading scientific
    skin care brand.

  • Callisto has many years of experience in
    providing spa, salon and fitness services
    and programs for the premium and luxury
    market. By focusing on recruitment, training
    and exceeding customer expectations, 
    Callisto offers expertise that has been
    embraced by some of the most luxurious
    resorts world-wide. Our organization offers
    advanced Information Technology expertise,
    knowledgeable merchandizing and buying
    strategies, retail product selection,
    spa menu creation based on hotel/resort
    demographic, guest comment surveys,
    monthly P&L reviews and strategic meetings
    to address the business at large and any
    areas requiring focus.

  • Concepting, brand creation,
    advertising, in-house promotions
    and hospitality-sensitive
    marketing are just few of
    the areas of concentration
    from our marketing team.

  • During our years of expertise,
    Callisto has come up with several
    special solutions, for the non
    typical spa projects, that are 
    usually smaller in size and have
    more private characteristics:


    Home Spa.

    Corporate and Residential Spa.

    Beauty Lounge / VIP / Medi SPA.

SPA Project Units & Products

  • Good health and beauty begin with a thorough cleansing of the skin. There is no
    better way to do this than indulging in a sauna. Sauna, a word of Finnish origin,
    was conceived and popularized in the cold Northern countries.
    Typically, a sauna was located in huts or cabins erected in the vicinity of ponds
    or streams and was made with fir or birch logs, dried and left raw so that the
    wood would retain its natural ability to absorb and release steam. We continued and interpret this ancient tradition by
    handicrafting artistic saunas using only the finest timbers. The special fragrance of the resin and wood used lend
    the heat bath an important added value!
    Heat is a surprising element and can impart a sensation that is relocing and
    stimulating at the same time, creating a positive state of mind.

  • The warm embrace of a pleasant and fragrant steam bath causes a beneficial perspiration, hydrating and cleansing the skin in a relaxing, dimly lighted atmosphere.

  • By developing the characteristics of the ancient Roman bath in terms of functionality, design and emotion, we are able to present you three products:

    Warm bath, Roman bath and Mediterranean bath, these three products achieve a state of well-being in a non-invasive and very effective way.

  • A setting of absolute relaxation where natural heat and aromas release physical tension and mental stress, fostering a general sense of wellbeing while purifying the entire body.

    A natural bath recomended for people of all ages.

  • Exposing the body to cold (Ice Fall, Ice cabin, Cold water...) after a warm bath is an experience nothing
    short of transcendental.
    This practice increases the synchronicity of the two cerebral hemispheres and
    boosts the natural production of endorphins, a natural analgesic that mitigates
    the painful sensations related to stress.

  • Tropical aromas accompanied by a tepid shower remind of lazy summer days on faraway beaches, shattered by powerful, brief and fragrant thunderstorms... and chilly waters imbued with mint essences elicit thoughts of the frozen glaciers at the nothernmost reaches.

  • The alternation and diversification in the temperature of the baths brings a blow of energy and well being to the legs, rejuvenating and energizing the entire body.

  • Water is the origin of all things. When contained in harmonious and relaxing
    forms, it is more than ever a source of wellbeing. A deep, water-jet massage or
    the exhilarating delight of millions of tiny bubbles is even more restful when
    swathed in the relaxing power of blue, the stimulating effect of red, the joy and
    vivacity of yellow and the restorative power of green. Light and water play
    together as a vital and energy-giving force.

  • Letting the mind and spirit go, soaring to the most beautiful and inaccessible places.

  • Flowers, herbs, oils, mud, algae, water, using what nature has to offer to care for our bodies! Expect nothing less than a complete regeneration! Design, equipment, products and methods of application you will find all this and more!


Maintenance & Consumables

We will pick up where others break off.
Because we attach importance to a vital,
durable partnership which is meant to last
even after taking-over we will also take care
of your needs in the operative business.

After completion we offer:
•Service and maintenance work
•Supply of wear parts and spare parts
•Supply of consumables such as odorous substances
•Remote maintenance and adjusting of the entire plant

In the near future you will have the possibility
to enter in our system and to order directly scents,
cleaning and caring products or spare parts.

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